Monday, July 12, 2010

Ready to leave...

....on our trip to Italy. Everything is in the car, so, let's go and get some sleep before we leave on vacation. We will stay 2 days at the Lake of Como, in the North of Italy, and then we go further South, to Porto San Giorgio where we stay until the end of the month.

But before I leave, I wanted to say goodbye to my readers and to say thanks for all the nice comments on my blog. I love to receive comments ;-))

Some lay-outs I wanted to show:
the first one is an idea I picked from CK and a very funny one to make, a list of the ncicknames I use for Olivia, one in each square.

The next one is again a lay-out I made during the album track day at Tiny's.

And the last one is a lift from Ali Edwards that I converted to a spread. These are pictures from pre-music classes that I used to do with Manu.

Have a nice summer and see you again in August!


Jolanda said...

Mooi!!!Heel mooi,vooral de nicknames vind ik helemaal super.Dat doet denk ik iedereen met zijn kind,mijn zoon heeft er ook veel en mijn dochter ook,hahaha,later lachen ze erom als ze 12 zijn balen ze ervan!
Fijne dag,Jolanda

An Zeelmaekers said...

een hele leuke reis... Je kids lijken echt wel op jouw he ( ken je man wel niet) Mooie Lo's en op vakantie veeeeel foto's trekken!!!

Scoobie said...

Great layouts!

My fav will be the one in the middle - love the color combo and the layering!

I hope you enjoyed your stay in Italy!