Monday, July 12, 2010

Ready to leave...

....on our trip to Italy. Everything is in the car, so, let's go and get some sleep before we leave on vacation. We will stay 2 days at the Lake of Como, in the North of Italy, and then we go further South, to Porto San Giorgio where we stay until the end of the month.

But before I leave, I wanted to say goodbye to my readers and to say thanks for all the nice comments on my blog. I love to receive comments ;-))

Some lay-outs I wanted to show:
the first one is an idea I picked from CK and a very funny one to make, a list of the ncicknames I use for Olivia, one in each square.

The next one is again a lay-out I made during the album track day at Tiny's.

And the last one is a lift from Ali Edwards that I converted to a spread. These are pictures from pre-music classes that I used to do with Manu.

Have a nice summer and see you again in August!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Yessss, Spain to the final!

Hahaha, I'm normally not such a big fan of footbal. But I love the Spanish team and I think they deserved to win this game tonight.Paul the octopus was right again! Lol!!!

Okay, back to scrapbooking again, that is more my cup of tea to be honest ;-)
This lay-out was also made during the album-track day at Tiny's. I love this design from Ann and the flower is a nice idea to use your ribbon-scraps.

CHA summer sneaks can be found everywhere now. I'm very curious about the new die-cut machine that Tim Holtz showed already on CHA winter. But that was only a proto type, it looked like a little suitcase, cool eh!
I saw a sneak of the new Basic Grey collection Wander, a colorful line for travel themed pictures. Looks lovely! My wallet is hiding itself already.....

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Like mother, like daughter

That is the title of the above LO. I made this one on the album track day at Tiny's way back in euh....December....
The pictures are taken during a workshop with Karen Burniston that my mom and I did together. She is not a real scrapbooker, she's more into fabric. She started years ago with the classic patchwork but now she's doing more mixed media, quilting and painting fabrics. Now and then she makes a lay-out, mostly with fabric.
It's fun to do a workshop together, she can make fantastic color combo's, but she's grumbling now and then because paper is not as flexible as textile (hihi).

Monday, July 5, 2010

It's a rainy day

and I hate that during summer. Please give me back the hot sunny days that we had last week! Anyway, I'm counting the days until we leave for our annual trip to Italy. This year we go by car and we leave a couple of days earlier for a short stay at the Lake of Como in the North of Italy. In a week from now, we're gone, jippie!!!

Looking back to some older posts on my blog, I noticed that I showed a sneak peek of a secret scraplift I participated in, but I never showed the full lay-out. So here it is. Paper, glitter and flowers from Prima. I also added some stickles and crackle paint.

Happy monday!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

I'm two and I say NO!

And this picture shows exactly Olivia's face when she just said no.Stubborn little devil she is....from who did she inherit that? ;-)
She answers NO on every question, except when you ask wether she wants an icecream.
Yesterday she had to say sorry to her brother and she didn't want to so after spending 30 minutes in the corner, she went early to bed. Guess what she said the first thing in the morning when she woke up: I'm not going to say sorry! I answered that she couldn't get an icecream today. So, for lunch we went to a restaurant at the beach. After lunch she icecream. But I remembered her of what I told her this morning. And after a while of very deep thoughts, she quickly said sorry to her brother and immediately after :and now I get an icecream! OMG, can you imagine that girl? Anyway, we had a fun afternoon at the beach in Breskens.

To finish this post, two lay-outs that I made a couple of weeks ago. The first is inspired by Ali Edwards, with my own twist. I started from a white cardstock and covered it with distress ink and glimmer mist. Afterwards I stamped it with distress ink and acrylic paint. The title did not turn out as I wanted and it looks like I was drunk when I did it......

The second one is a simple LO from a trip with the pedalo in Italy.

Enjoy Sunday evening and have a good start of the week tomorrow!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Pizzabox day

Today was filled with only two big activities: scrapbooking and chatting! The pizzabox day at Tiny's was a blast! My fellows of the design team came up with a lot of beautiful lay-outs, all so different, with the same pizzabox goodies. I saw some people which I hadn't seen in such a long time, like the two Els'kes, the two Stefkes (Els' husband and their cute son), Ann, Vicky, Kaatje, Ina, Ingrid and that's why the chatting took an important portion of the day ;-)
I didn't finish any lay-out during the day, but that's normal for me, I'm a lonely scrapper I guess.....But it was fun to help other people with titels and ideas.

These were the lay-outs I prepared for the day.
The paper and embi's were from Scenic Route, in bright colors.

On this LO, the title was already on the photo. To emphasize this, I cut a rounded arrow that points to the print on the shirt that says "Lief" (Sweet).

Fatherday in 2008. Manu made some strawberry jam at school and learned a little poem that was written on the back of the hand-made giant-strawberry. The pictures of the event were posted on the website of the school where I could download them. And off course I kept the giant strawberry to put on a lay-out.
The paper flowers on this lay-out are made from paper strips that are folded and glued on a piece of cardboard and kept together with a button or brad.

This LO is a lift from Birgit Koopsen. The traditional class-pictures are a little bit boring to work with but I think they have to be scrapped for the kid's album. I liked the idea of putting the picture at the left of my LO and not in the middle.

This LO proves again that distress ink is so versatile, you can turn bright modern paper into a aged soft tone and change the look of a page completely.
The butterfly was masked and embossed partially with copper embossing powder.
The title is a rub-on, put in a frame from Tattered angels and covered with rock candy crackle paint.

I hope everybody had as much fun as I had.
Note already in your agenda's: album track day at Tiny's on December 11!!


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Back in (blog-)town

Shame on's been 6 months since I blogged, I guess sometimes life just gets sooo busy...
Anyway, I haven't given up on scrapping, duh! I couldn't imagine living without it!
And I also continued reading my favourite blogs ;-)

Last Tuesday another milestone passed for Manu, who spend his last day in "kindergarden". As of September 1st, he will be going to the first grade and start to learn reading and writing, a big step and he can't wait to start the journey.
He spend this year in the dolphin-class with Miss Peggy, who is truly the best teacher I have ever met. Normally one of the moms collect some money and creates a gift for the teacher where all kids have been working on together. This year, she had made little dolphins in gypsum (gips) and let the kids paint them.

I wanted to do something separate for the teacher and created a carton box from a small pastry box (taartendoos). Inside was a letter and a lot of small gifts like chocolate, sweets, ....This is how it turned out. I put cardboard at the bottom, top and sides to make it more solid. To keep the lid down, I added a self-made charm made from an old neklace, metal flowers and a bead. Papers are from My Mind's Eyes.
She was very happy with it and will use it to put her jewelry in.

I'm attending the pizzabox day at Tiny's next saturday. The design team received a full pizabox of goodies and we were asked to create some lay-outs so the other workshop'ers can lift it or use an idea for their own projects. I can show pictures of these lay-outs only on Sunday.

In the meantime, enjoy the summer!