Wednesday, August 4, 2010

....and back again.....

We are back home since Sunday. All beautiful songs come to and end....
Some pics from the trip that went first to the Lake of Como, where we stayed in a small village called Lezzeno at hotel Aurora. If you are looking for a welcoming stay, with beautiful decorated rooms overlooking the lake, restaurant at the beach and all kinds of watersports, this is the place! On our way to the hotel, we picknicked and found storcks eating almost out of our hands.

Relaxing evening on the terrace, overlooking the Lake.

Visiting Villa Carlotta,we found this cute little monkey in the garden.;-)

We continued our trip further to the South of Italy, to Porto San giorgio, where we met our friends.
Manu, as usual, to be found in the sea, playing with his friend Cameron. You know, they gonna marry eachother "when they are grown up" and we are even invited to the wedding party ;-))

And these two little devils, Olivia and Madison, had so much fun and were charming everybody on the beach.

We visited the Sibillini National Park. The picture shows the clear and very blue water of Lake Fiastra.

and a Lake deserves a dive...

And now, there is again 400 photo's waiting to be scrapped.....

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Jolanda said...

Looka all very cool!!!Beautiful pictures,you have a lot to do ;)!!!
Have a nice day,Jolanda