Tuesday, October 4, 2011

More lay-outs

Early July we had a pizzabox day at Tiny's hobby. Below I'm showing some of the lay-outs I made with the content of the box.The next pizzabox day is planned for January 21st. And on december 10th we have the album track day where I will learn you a page made with My Minds Eye stuff.

Thanks for looking!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Finally the lay-outs from this summer

I must be the worst person in blogland, but hey...who cares...
Summer went by way too fast, ugly and wet...
Even the country where we normally have our annual sun-water-beach-meeting, Italy, was not as warm and sunny as previous years.
But on the pictures only happy faces!

I took some scrapstuff with and inspiration from Ali Edwards and a CK.
These are the lay-outs I made while the rest of the family was in dreamland ;-) during their afternoon nap.

Olivia in the zoo when she was almost 2.

A schoolpicture, always a little difficult to work with.

These two are a spread together. Pictures from that same trip to the zoo.

Brother & sister in Switserland.

Thanks for looking.
Coming back soon with more lay-outs to show.

Have a nice sunday!